HICAPS available for on the spot health fund rebates with cover for 'Exercise Physiology' & 'Physiotherapy'.


BF40 is a female focused fitness class that is tailored to women who want to get leaner, fitter and healthier. It's a 40 minute full body workout that includes a combination of exercises targeted to increasing strength, endurance and functional skills. The sessions are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. All of our classes are taken by our highly qualified Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist at our gym on 70 Racecourse Rd, Charters Towers. 
To purchase passes come into Bodyfix or pay as you come into your session. Come and join our BF40 Team!
The main purpose of pilates is to improve flexibility, posture and muscular strength using a low-impact method. It focuses on controlled movements which build up balance and core strength. Pilates is a great way to include exercise while also relaxing the mind in a calming environment.  Our classes are taken every Wednesday at 70 Racecourse Rd, Charters Towers by our fully qualified exercise physiologist. Level 1 Pilates.
Mats are provided and no bookings are required. You can purchase your passes when you come to a class with the option of a casual pass, 5 or 10 Class Passes which have no expiry once purchased.
If you have an question call us on 4787 7656.  
The hydrotherapy classes are taken by our accredited exercise physiologist, and is a supervised treatment and exercise program in the heated pool (32°C). Hydrotherapy is beneficial for post surgery (e.g. total knee replacement), assisting with injury rehabilitation, arthritis, exercising sore and painful joints, general fitness/ balance and fracture recovery. The heated water encourages stiff muscles and joints to relax, whilst the buoyancy takes the load off the weight bearing joints, allowing them to be exercised painlessly. Classes are on a Tuesday 10am and Thursday 10am at the 25m Heated Town Pool. Cost is $14.  If you would like to know how hydrotherapy can help you, please contact Body Fix on Ph: 4787 7656
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70 RACECOURSE RD, CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820                                                         
Servicing Charters Towers, Clermont and Hughenden. 
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