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What do you get from an initial physiotherapy session at Bodyfix.......

Physiotherapists are University trained movement and injury specialists of the medical world.

At Bodyfix Physio, we provide physiotherapy treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions, from acute sprains and strains, to more complex, long-term aches and pains. As rural practitioners, we are very experienced at seeing a wide range of conditions and injuries in the old and the very young population.

In our initial consultations;

  • We take the time to find out the cause of your problem so we can treat you more effectively

  • We take the time to listen to your problem and the story behind your injury or condition and give individual treatment for your needs.

  • Our treatments are “ hands-on “ by experienced physiotherapists to give you the best start for healing of your injury or management of your condition.

  • We aim to get you back to work or play as quickly as possible and stop the injury from reoccurring.

  • We will teach you strategies to manage your condition which may include a rehab programme or take home exercises

  • We talk regularly with your treating doctor or specialist to keep them up to date with your progress.

We get you moving again and keep you moving well. That is our promise to all of our patients. In our small country town, we pride ourselves on 'doing a good job', because our best advertisement is you, our patients.

Our goal is to get you moving and keep you moving, without pain. We take theto to treat you effectively, so you won’t have to keep coming back for on-going treatment.

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