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The Secret to Ageing & Muscle Mass

This image popped on my facebook feed a couple of days ago and I thought it had great impact on the misconception that some of our patients comment on, such as;

"It's just old age"

"I don't have the strength anymore like I use to when I was younger"

I am going to tell you a secret to ageing, keep active and continue resistance training to maintain muscle muscle.

The muscles in your body respond to resistance and strengthen accordingly. If you correctly apply resistance training to muscles over a period of time they will respond with remodelling and strength improvements. The correct amount of resistance over that time is crucial as too little or none at all and there will be no gains made, on the contrary if you add too much resistance in a short period of time without giving the body the correct time to remodel itself, then you could sustain an overuse injury.

Keeping active as we age is essential, given we are living longer and potentially would like to remain as independent as possible living in our own homes. The picture below paints a hopeful picture for all of us, that no matter what age, activity and training as an effect on our bodies muscle mass.

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