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Do you have difficulty getting in and out of the car?

Reasons for difficulty with transferring in and out of a car may include:

* Lower limb injuries- including back, hips, knees, legs

* Post-operative range of motion restrictions

* Joint and muscle stiffness

* Loss of a limb or function

Transferring into a car is a functional daily task which is necessary for most people to be able to attend appointments and carry out activities such as going grocery shopping or accessing the community. Often when injury or illness impacts someone’s ability to transfer into a vehicle we can look at modifying this task to make the process easier or more comfortable for the person. Here are some basic tips we can use or trial to assist with transferring:

* Using a small portable step: This can be used if someone is having difficulty with bending lower limbs to step into the vehicle or if the step into the car is too large.

* Changing where the person grips onto the car door and frame to stabilise or pull themselves up.

* Whilst standing on the portable step or ground, swivel or pivot feet sideways so that the person is stepping or sliding into the car sideways (facing the front of the car).

Our Occupational Therapist, Alana, helps people find the easiest and safest way to transfer in and out of the car. If you are having difficulty and would like to keep your independence, then give us a call and let us help you.

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